About Us

Say My Hair brand and "Miracle Rice Oil"- was founded by a female chemist born and raised in New Orleans, LA. She has over 11 years of industrial experience. Her hair growth journey began later in 2016 when she experienced her "official" big chop. She then discovered her curls, her black girl magic and decided turning back to the " creamy crack" was not an option. Therefore, she began to love and care for her natural hair, while learning to understand what her new head of hair was all about. The desire to grow her hair long strong and healthy was her goal, but helping other woman all over the world to do the same, became her passion. 

As of today, Say My Hair's entity is based out of New Orleans, Louisiana where she was born and raised. The mixture of multiple different component come as nothing foreign to her. She understands the cares and needs of hair on a chemical level. In 2010, she  graduated from the University of New Orleans with a bachelor's degree in "Biological Science"

Hi, i am Krystal "also known as" NOLA HAIR GROWTH DOCTOR! The founder and CEO of the SAY MY HAIR brand. I look forward to assisting you on your hair growth journey to LONGER, STRONGER, and HEALTHIER HAIR!  

-Say My Hair